El Dorado 8 Year Old Demerara Guyana Rum

El Dorado Rum is made by Demerara Distillers Limited in Guyana, South America, and is perhaps the single greatest rum producer on the planet. In operation since the 1600s, they’ve supplied the British Royal Navy with rum for more than 200 years. DDL’s historic stills, built in the 18th and 19th centuries, produce a number of amazing flavors. In addition, they have more than seven modern stills creating layers of flavor. The 8-year-old rum is the most ubiquitous of the line-up around Guyana, offering the best combination of maturity and value in one bottle. Not nearly as rich or sweet as the 12- or 15-year, the 8 makes the perfect base for simple cocktails or drinking on the rocks. Try it in the place of Bourbon for an Old-Fashioned or Sazerac cocktail and you’ll be amazed.

Producer: Demerara Distillers

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