Tiki Bowl Rum Punch

  • 8 oz Jamaican Rum
  • 8 oz Demerara Rum
  • 8 oz Lime Juice
  • 4 oz Grenadine
  • 4 oz Honey-Pineapple Syrup
  • 2 oz Cinnamon Syrup
  • 16 dashes Angostura Bitters

To make the honey-pineapple syrup: combine equal parts honey and pineapple juice in a sauce pan over low heat. Stir frequently until the honey is melted into the pineapple just. Bottle and refrigerate.

To make the cinnamon syrup: break up two cinnamon sticks into bits with a muddler in a sauce pan, then add a cup of sugar and a cup of water. Melt the sugar into the water over low heat, stirring frequently until all the sugar is dissolved. Cover and remove from the heat; let the pan sit for at least twenty minutes. Strain through a sieve, bottle, and refrigerate.

Combine everything in a punch or Tiki bowl with 8 ounces of cold water and give it a stir. Add ice and garnish with mint and, if it suits your fancy, a flaming lime shell. Ladle into cups to serve or, better, drop in some straws and enjoy together. Makes about 8 servings.

Source: Oh So Beautiful Paper